Using Social Media Data to support Influencer Management Campaigns

Personal Identity Management and the use of Social Media to support Influencer Management Campaigns

Big changes are sweeping the world of data. Rich new data sources are coming on stream. Open Data, social media data, data from the Internet of Things are creating new opportunities. But no matter how rich or extensive any particular organisation’s data may be, it’s tiny in comparison to the data that lies beyond its organisational boundaries.

Data sharing is increasingly key to added value. As data becomes a resource defined by superabundance and not scarcity there are some critical trends that many have overlooked. A high proportion of the ‘Big Data’ that’s now being collected is actually personal data – information about people, their attributes, behaviours and transactions.

And the faster the costs of collecting, storing, analysing and distributing data fall, the more valuable data becomes, not just to organisations but to individuals too. This is now an epicentre of innovation. New Personal Information Management Services (PIMS) help individuals do with data what organisations have long done: use it to drive administrative efficiencies, identify patterns and trends, gain new insights, inform better decisions and plan, organise, coordinate and orchestrate complex tasks and processes

As PIMS gain critical mass, they are bringing far-reaching changes for legacy organisations, affecting what data they can collect and use, how they engage with customers, what value propositions they offer and how much it costs them to do these things. As PIMS emerge it is essential that trust and equity are at the heart of this new market and that individuals are genuinely empowered.

But just how big are the new value opportunities? What are the implications for individuals, organisations and the economy as a whole? And where will these impacts be felt most? offers individuals and businesses, online tools to access this personal data which is readily available on social media, analyse it and identifier key influencers in any business sector.

We help people rank their social media contacts and friends not on the number of followers or friends but on their sentiment to your message plus their social media authority for a subject.

This helps you identify those who are predisposed to your message (or not), establish their importance in the big scheme of things, ie do you have ot take into account what they say, and finally we supply you with a complete breakdown of their social media enagament across over 60 + platforms ranging from Twitter, to Facebook, Youtube, Angellist, LinkedIn, AboutMe, Google Plus and many many more.

If you would like to know more why not visit for yourself and see what all our fuss is about.

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