Gramautofollowers is a scam


There is no such things as a free lunch or free Instagram followers with gramautofollowers

Repost Instagram content to your Pinterest account in just two clicks
Repost Instagram content to your Pinterest account for free


I dont know if you have been living under a rock but Gramauto also known as gramautofollowers is a scam and do you really want to give someone your login details in the hope of getting some instant, free Instagram followers? I certainly wouldn’t and as they say, there is no such thing as a free lunch, or to put it another way. If getting lots of free Social Media followers; whether its Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or any of the other of the multitude of social media networks, is your thing, then good luck to you and watch you don’t get bitten back or your account slapped.

Think it through, how can someone with no knowledge of you, your existence or to put it more bluntly, your value to them; instantly become your latest BFF? It is not possible, it cant happen and if it sounds like snake oil it probably smells like bullshit.

The only way is to put the time and the effort in. They say with writing it’s BOS that matters, i.e. ‘Bum On Seat’. So why not forget gram auto scams and start approaching people, following, liking or whatever is your thing, and just produce or retweet, regram or repost some great content and put the social back into Social Media.